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The evening program concludes the Freshman Orientation program. It is mandatory for both the freshman student and at least one parent to attend. Parents may dress casual – shorts are OK!  Students are asked to wear their new Elder t-shirt they will receive Tuesday morning at school – shorts are OK to wear!

The purpose of this program is to acquaint both the student and his parent(s) of Elder High School’s mission and philosophy. There will be three sessions, each 14 minutes in length, presented by various staff members. The students and parents will rotate among three different locations. The locations, topics, and presenters will be as follows:

1. Schaeper Center MULTIPURPOSE ROOM
- Campus Ministry/Community Service (Mr. Roger Auer, Campus Ministry Director)

2. Wrestling/Volleyball GYM
- Discipline/Attendance (Mr. Kurt Ruffing, Assistant Principal)
- CARE Team (Mrs. Linda Giessler, Nurse)

3. Schaeper Center MUSIC ROOM
- Extra Curricular Activities (Mr. Dave Dabbelt, Athletic Director)
- Academics/Guidance (Mr. Joe Driehaus, Guidance Director)
- College Information (Mrs. Erin Lind, College Coordinator)

The program will start promptly at 7:00 P.M. and continue until 8:00 P.M.  This will be followed with a liturgy outside in The Pit (in the Fieldhouse if inclement weather), ending at approximately 9:00 P.M. The freshmen are encouraged to sit with their parent(s) during the liturgy.

Families will be assigned, according to their last name, to meet in the following locations to start the program at 7:00 P.M.:

* A – G …..… Schaeper Center MUSIC ROOM
* H – M…….. Wrestling/Volleyball GYM
* N – Z……... Schaeper Center MULTIPURPOSE ROOM