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Dennis Whitehead, class of 1970, has authored an ebook, The Day Before the War, available on Amazon.  Click here to download.

The Day Before the War recounts the events of August 31, 1939 along the German-Polish border when Germany launched a series of false flag attacks against their own facilities. Trained German saboteurs dressed as Polish insurrectionists and soldiers in the attacks, the central of which was the radio station in Gleiwitz. These attacks were used as the pretext for the launch of Hitler's Blitzkrieg against Poland the next day, igniting the Second World War in Europe.

Whitehead is also the author of the forthcoming narrative nonfiction, Love and Sacrifice, about the Reed family during their travels across the country and around the globe in the first half of the 20th century. The story tragically climaxes with the combat deaths of the father and son in World War II.

Whitehead is a writer, photographer, and producer living in Arlington, VA.