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KEVIN WALDECK '93 - IRONMAN ALL WORLD ATHLETE Kevin Waldeck '93 ran cross country for three years while attending Elder. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati, getting married, starting  a business & a family, exercise had taken a back seat.  Eventually, he decided to get back in shape and live a healthy lifestyle; however, running in the winter was somewhat of an issue for Kevin. He needed an alternative way to stay in shape, so he decided to swim & spin (stationary biking). The run-swim-bike concept grew on him, and soon the stage was set for him to take part in his first IRONMAN.

To become an IRONMAN, one must complete the following three tasks within 17 hours:
1) Swim 2.4 miles
2) Bike 112 miles
3) Run 26.2 miles

Kevin's first Ironman was in 2011 in Louisville, KY. He was  36 years old and finished with a time of 12:52:09. He wanted to compete again; however, being a father of two and having lost his mother in September of 2012, he faced a delay in his training and ultimately had to skip the competition that year.

In 2013, Kevin entered his second IRONMAN in Wisconsin and finished in 13:27:52. Wanting to better his previous time, he again entered the Louisville IRONMAN in 2014 and finished in 12:34:00, nearly an hour off his 2013 time and 18 minutes better than 2011.  Always looking to improve, and by now a seasoned veteran of the competition, Kevin traveled to Chattanooga, TN to compete in the 2015 IRONMAN in September.  This time, he set a new personal record of 12:08:24.  Kevin dedicated that race to his mother since it took place on the anniversary of her death three years prior.

With these four finishes and his age group ranking, Kevin became an "IRONMAN All World Athlete," making him one of just six athletes with this title out of a field of 2,200 in Chattanooga.

Kevin and his wife have two daughters and run a successful office furniture installation company. They are also starting a T-shirt printing company.