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The Elder High School Board of Trustees is pleased to announce a gift of $3.5 million has been received honoring the legacy of retiring Principal Tom Otten, Class of ‘64. 

“This anonymous investment by a group of families recognizing Tom’s leadership and lifetime commitment to Elder High School tops off our three year facilities upgrade program.  Additionally, $500,000 has been earmarked to boost the tuition assistance fund, critical to our continued success in keeping Elder affordable to Cincinnati families,” said Board Chair Dan Averbeck, Elder Class of ‘71.  

Incoming Principal Kurt Ruffing, Elder Class of ‘81, added “These donors joined together to show their appreciation for Tom’s five decades with Elder and, in doing so, are challenging other Elder families to step up with their own gifts in support of tuition assistance. During this school year, for example, nearly $3.5 million in tuition assistance was key to enabling young men to benefit from the Elder experience.” 

When informed of the gift, Tom Otten said, “I am humbled by the generosity of these donors.  They understand that education is the most important investment that can be made to guarantee our future.  Nothing has the long-term benefits that education has.  Young people are prepared to run our world, to be responsible citizens, to be good, solid family members—the very foundation of society.  Catholic schools, like Elder, are committed to helping each child reach their potential, to be all that God intended.”

Otten concluded, “My thanks to those who made this gift a reality.  Rest assured that Elder’s administration continues to be committed to doing what is best for our students.”