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Elder High School takes great pride in the dedicated men and women who provide an exceptional experience to the students who walk our halls. Congratulations to all who celebrated a milestone anniversary serving the Archdiocese of Cincinnati in the 2016-2017 school year:

FIVE Years: Julie Conway, Joe Fischer, Eric Grimm, and Linda Keller

TEN Years: Phil Bengel, Kathy Hirth, Jason Roush, and Pete Suer

FIFTEEN Years: Jen Graham, Martha James, and Ken Sovern

TWENTY Years: Jack Anderson, Brian Flaherty, Mike Schlomer, and Sean Tierney

TWENTY-FIVE Years: Sharon Montgomery, Chris Nie, Sue Pavey, Cliff Pope, Doug Ramsey, and Luisa Wynn

THIRTY-FIVE Years: Joe Schoenfeld

FORTY Years: Rick Nohle

FORTY-FIVE Years: Dave Reuben

FIFTY Years: Mark Klusman