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Students from Elder continue to volunteer at the Sheakley Boys & Girls Club of Cincinnati in its after-school tutoring program called "Homework Heroes." This program, initiated by our Leadership Initiative Club and Student Council, began second semester last year, but has gained some momentum with over 20 Elder students now involved!

Every Monday and Thursday, students from Elder visit the center at 4100 Glenway Avenue (just one block from Elder's campus) and tutor Cincinnati Public School students in grades Kindergarten through fifth, helping them with their daily homework assignments. This "Power Hour" enables the school children to individually work on their homework and raise their hands when they need help. That's when the high-schoolers step in to assist.

Max Deters '19 said, "Helping at the Boys & Girls Club allows me to give back to Price Hill, the community in which Elder is located.  I really feel like I'm giving back to those kids and that I'm preparing them for life. Even if it's the smallest amount, it really goes a long way."

"Maybe me helping this student with his homework will help him like school and eventually graduate from high school and finish college and follow a good path in life," said Tyler Durr '18.