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Each month Elder’s Principal, Tom Otten, hosts a Pancake Breakfast for his students.  Various groups are invited to serve as members of the Pancake Posse each month.  These volunteers range from teachers, to members of the Elder Moms and Dads Clubs.  For the first time ever (since 1997, when the breakfasts began) an outside group did the honors.  

On February 11th, the officers of District 3 wore the famous "Pancake Posse" aprons and served the students from 7:00-7:40 before classes began for the day.  The pancake breakfast is a fun thing that allows us to step just outside of our normal role and comfort zone, and to be seen in a slightly different light.  And so it was when the officers of District 3 served pancakes and syrup to the students early this morning.  Three students were particularly surprised as they saw their dads, in apron, stacking up hotcakes.  Seniors Tony and Drew Robb are the twin sons of School resource Officer Jim Robb, and junior Nick Hall is the son of Det. Dave Hall.

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Pictured are (left to right): PO Jim Robb (school resource officer), PO Ryan Olthaus (Elder 1998), Capt. Dan Gerard (1982) Commander of D3, Tom Otten (1964) Elder Principal, and Det. Dave Hall (1984).