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Elder High School is a real and high profile example of commitment to Catholic education.  The teachings of Jesus serve as the foundation upon which the entire academic and extracurricular programs rest.

Our staff and faculty have dedicated their professional lives to serving the families who partner with us for their son’s high school experience.  Many of our students are fourth generation Panthers!

Stability tempered with an exciting and ongoing evolution in classroom teaching techniques utilizing the latest technology tools, provides high-quality instruction.

The continuity of Elder’s tradition of excellence is summed up in our motto, “Altiora”—Latin for “to strive for the higher things.”  The essence of Elder Spirit is the determination to always give your best effort—in studies, athletics, prayer, relationships and play.

Elder is a comprehensive high school, serving students whose abilities range from the gifted to the challenged.  Our community service program prompts out students to be life-long activist in the larger community.  The financial aid program assists families with the burden of tuition.  Our athletic program, supplemented by dozens of clubs and organizations, offers students opportunities to involve themselves in activities outside the classroom.  “Involvement” is the keystone concept at Elder.

With the help and support of our parents, alumni, friends of Elder and our dedicated staff, Elder High School will continue its long tradition of excellence in the mission of providing a superb Catholic education for our students.

Tom Otten ‘64


Tom Otten '64

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