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Mr. Greg Alig


phone: 921.3744 x 3002
email: aliggj@elderhs.net
web: teacherweb

Mr. Dave Allen


phone: 921.3744 x 3007
email: allendf@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Jack Anderson

Assistant Band Director

phone: 921.3744 x 3632
email: andersonjr@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Roger Auer '72

Campus Minister

phone: 921.3744 x 3407
email: auerrg@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Ray Bachus '65


phone: 921.3744 x 3604
email: bachusrf@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Dan Bell


phone: 921.3744 x 3311
email: belldp@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Phil Bengel '01

Health & Social Studies

phone: 921.3744 x 3204
email: bengelps@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Brian Bill '94

Alumni Director

phone: 921.3744 x 3411
email: billbd@elderhs.net


Mr. Mike Boeing '74


phone: 921.3744 x 3308
email: boeingme@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mrs. Julie Brandel


phone: 921.3744 x 3022
email: brandelja@elderhs.net
web: teacherweb

Mr. Mike Briede '70


phone: 921.3744 x 3024
email: briedeme@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Dave Buetsche '98

Art Department Chairperson

phone: 921.3744 x 3626
email: buetschedj@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Richard Ceddia

Math Specialist

phone:921.3744 x 3611
email: ceddiara@elderhs.net

Ms. Lori Coffaro

Administrative Assistant

phone: 921.3744 x 3401
email: coffarola@elderhs.net

Mrs. Julie Conway

Administrative Assistant

921.3744 X 3400
email: conwayja@elderhs.net

Mrs. Amy Corwell

Foreign Language

921.3744 x 5032
email: corwellae@elderhs.net

Mr. Brett Currin '04


phone: 921.3744 x  3212
email: currinbj@elderhs.net
web: https://sites.google.com/site/ehscurrin/

Mr. Dave Dabbelt '66

Social Studies

Athletic Director
921.3744 x 3403
email: dabbeltdc@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Greg Dickman '00


phone: 921.3744 x 3313
web: EHS Blackboard

Mrs. Dee Dee Doerflein

Spirit Shop
Bookstore Manager

phone: 921.3744 x 3011
email: doerfleindr@elderhs.net

Mr. Bill Driehaus '75


phone: 921.3744 x 3304
email: driehauswp@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Joe Driehaus '86

Director of Guidance

phone: 921.3744 x 3612
email: driehausjg@elderhs.net

web:  GuidanceWeb

Mr. Matthew Eisele

Social Studies

phone: 921.3744 x 3208
email: eiselemm@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Kevin Espelage '91


phone: 921.3744 x 3211
email: espelagekj@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mrs. Pat Fiorino

Alumni/Development Admin. Ass't.

phone: 921.3744 x 3413
email: fiorinopm@elderhs.net

Mr. Joe Fischer '97

Custodial Staff

ne: 921.3744 x 5030
email: fischerjc@elderhs.net

Mr. Jeff Fitz

Athletic Trainer

phone: 921.3744 x 3605
email: fitzjl@elderhs.net

Mr. Brian Flaherty '92

Social Studies

phone: 921.3744 x 3207
email: flahertybh@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Jeff Fuell '74

Technology Director

phone: 921.3744 x 3633
email: fuellja@elderhs.net

Mr. Steve Geis '70

Band Director

phone: 921.3744 x 3005
email: geissa@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Mike Gergen

Social Studies

phone: 921.3744 x 3209
email: gergenmw@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mrs. Linda Giessler


phone: 921.3744 x 3109
email: giesslerlm@elderhs.net

Mrs. Jennifer Graham


phone: 921.3744 x 3609
email: grahamjl@elderhs.net

Mr. Eric Grimm '06


phone: 921.3744 x 3800
email: grimmec@elderhs.net

Mr. Richard Grosser

Foreign Language

phone: 921.3744 x 3122
email: grosserrm@elderhs.net

web: teacherweb

Mr. Mark Groszek


phone: 921.3744 x 3215
email: groszekmh@elderhs.net

web: elderhs.net

Mr. Doug Guenther

Business Manager

phone: 921.3744 x 3408
email: guentherds@elderhs.net

Mrs. Michelle Guenther


email: guentherma@elderhs.net

Dr. John Hageman '79


phone: 921.3744 x 3316
email: hagemanjr@elderhs.net

web: TMC

Mrs. Heidi Hanks

Foreign Language

phone: 921.3744 x 3026
email: hankshm@elderhs.net

Mr. Toby Heile

Director of Planned Giving

phone: 921.3744 x 3410
email: heilert@elderhs.net

Mr. Dan Hilvert '64

Social Studies

phone: 921.3744 x 3205
email: hilvertdt@elderhs.net

@elderhs.netwebEHS Blackboard

Mrs. Kathy Hirth

Development Assistant
Yearbook Moderator

phone: 921.3744 x 3600
email: hirthkm@elderhs.net

Mr. Kevin Holland


phone: 921.3744 x 3633
email: hollandkr@elderhs.net

Mrs. Nancy House                  


phone: 921.3744 x 3636
email: housenk@elderhs.net

Mrs. Michelle Iori


921.3744 x 3414
email: iorimd@elderhs.net


Mr. Craig James '93


phone:  921.3744 x 3025
email: jamescm@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mrs. Martha James


phone: 921.3744 x 3315
email: jamesme@elderhs.net

Mr. Sean Jameson '06


phone: 921.3744 x 5027
email: jamesonsd@elderhs.net

Mrs. Sherry Jones

Intervention Specialist 

phone: 921.3744 x 3608
email: jonesse@elderhs.net

Mrs. Kim Kelley

Assistant Librarian

phone: 921.3744 x 3601
email: kelleykc@elderhs.net

Ms. Jan Kennedy

College Coordinator

phone: 921.3744 x 3406
email: kennedyjm@elderhs.net

Mrs. Kelly Kinross


phone: 921.3744 x 3101
email: kinrosskm@elderhs.net

Mr. Bill Klayer '77

Custodial Staff

phone: 921.3744 x 3008
email: klayerwg@elderhs.net

Mr. Mark Klusman '61

Computer Science

phone: 921.3744 x 3628
email: klusmanmg@elderhs.net

web: elderhs.net

Mr. Dan Kreimer '61


phone: 921.3744 x 3305
email: kreimerdd@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Ms. Julie Kurzhals


phone: 921.3744 x 3801
email: kurzhalsjm@elderhs.net

Dr. Kathie Langen

College Psychology
email: langenka@elderhs.net

Mr. Andy Listerman


phone: 921.3744 x 3001
email: listermanam@elderhs.net


Mr. Scott Louis '89


phone: 921.3744 x 3201
email: louissm@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Dick McCoy

Managing Facilitator of the PAC

phone: 921.3744 x 5006
email: mccoyda@elderhs.net


Mr. Andrew Mersch            


phone: 921.3744 x 5029
email: merschal@elderhs.net


Mrs. Mary Beth Meyer

Auction Coordinator

phone: 921.3744 x 3416
email: meyermb@elderhs.net

Ms. Sharon Montgomery


phone: 921.3744 x 3629
email: montgomeryse@elderhs.net

Mr. Chris Nie '84


phone: 921.3744 x 3202
email: niecj@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mrs. Trina Niemer

Annual Fund 

phone: 921.3744 x 3423
email: niemertk@elderhs.net


Mrs. Lori Niemeyer

Custodial Staff 

phone: 921.3744 x 3008
email: niemeyerla@elderhs.net

Mr. Rick Nohle

Computer Science

phone: 921.3744 x 3623
email: nohlerc@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Tom Nugent

Leadership Seminar

phone: 921.3744 x 5034
email: nugentta@elderhs.net

Mr. Rob Oberjohann '94


phone: 921.3744 x 3214
email: oberjohannrj@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Tom Otten '64


phone: 921.3744 x 3405
email: ottentr@elderhs.net

Mr. JP Owens '06

Director of Admissions & Marketing

921.3744 x 3417
email: owensjp@elderhs.net

Ms. Sue Pavey


phone: 921.3744 x 3404
email: paveysm@elderhs.net

Mrs. Kim Plagge


phone: 921.3744 x 3216
email: plaggeka@elderhs.net


Mr. John Ploehs '68


phone: 921.3744 x 3021
email: ploehsjf@elderhs.net

web: elderhs.net

Mrs. Mary Ploehs


phone: 921.3744 x 3602
email: ploehsmr@elderhs.net


Mr. Cliff Pope


phone: 921.3744 x 3312
email: popece@elderhs.net

web: elderhs.net

Mr. Doug Ramsey

Social Studies

phone: 921.3744 x 3618
email: ramseydb@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Dave Reiring '85


phone: 921.3744 x 3023
email: reiringdm@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Tom Reiring '88

Development Director

phone: 921.3744 x 3415
email: reiringtw@elderhs.net

Fr. Don Rettig

Foreign Language

phone: 921.3744 x 3123
email: rettigdr@elderhs.net

Mr. David P. Reuben


phone: 921.3744 x 3124
email: reubendp@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Scott Ridder '87


phone: 921.3744 x 3419
email: ridderst@elderhs.net

Mr. James Robb

Custodial Staff

Mr. Gary Rogers

Computer Science
Purple Quill Moderator

phone: 921.3744 x 5025
email: rogersg@elderhs.net

Mr. Roger Rosen '67

Foreign Language

phone: 921.3744 x 3125
email: rosenrj@lederhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Jason Roush

Head Wrestling Coach

phone: 921.3744 x 3802
email: roushjr@elderhs.net

Mr. Kurt Ruffing '81

Dean of Students

phone: 921.3744 x 3409
email: ruffingkd@elderhs.net

web: elderhs.net

Ms. Jordan Schad


phone: 921.3744 x 3050
email: schadja@elderhs.net

web: elderhs.net

Mr. Michael Schlomer


phone: 921.3744 x 5033
email: schlomermb@elderhs.net

 Mr. Joe Schoenfeld '77

Physical Education

phone: 921.3744 x 3613
email: schoenfeldjg@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mrs. Mary Ann Schuerman

Intervention Specialist

phone: 921.3744 x 3615
email: schuermanma@elderhs.net

Mr. Dave Sharp


phone: 921.3744 x 3307
email: sharpdr@elderh.net

web: elderhs.net

Mr. Ken Sovern


phone: 921.3744 x 3610
email: sovernkp@elderhs.net

web: GuidanceWeb

Mr. Steve Spencer

Social Studies

phone: 921.3744 x 3206
email: spencersl@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mrs. Jenny Sprengard

Administrative Assistant

phone: 921.3744 x 3607
email: sprengardja@elderhs.net

Mr. Pete Suer '00


phone: 921.3744 x 3004
email: suerpe@elderhs.net

Mr. Sean Tierney '93


phone: 921.3744 x 3314
email: tierneysp@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mrs. Jane Timon

Administrative Assistant

phone: 921.3744 x 3400
email: timonja@elderhs.net


Mr. Patrick Timon


phone: 921.3744 x 3303
email: timonjp@elderhs.net


Mr. Patrick Tucker

Curriculum Director

phone: 921.3744 x 3882
email: tuckerpc@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard

Mr. Jeff Warren


phone: 921.3744 x 3301
email: warrenjd@elderhs.net

Mrs. Mary Weil

Administrative Assistant

phone: 921.3744 x 3402
email: weilmd@elderhs.net

Mrs. Luisa Wynn

Foreign Language

phone: 921.3744 x 33126
email: wynnlo@elderhs.net

web: EHS Blackboard


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