April 24, 2014 Academics ... Honors Program ... Honors Program - Class of 2017   
Members of the Honors Program Class of 2017:

Pictured Back Left to Right: William Conway, Duncan Rackers, Alex Witte, Collier Smith, Jack Streicher , Dakota Handorf, Matthew Trotta, Kelton Ashe, Collin Scheiner, Front Left to Right: Paxton Kelley, Jonathan Huschart , Michael Dirksing, Adam Gerhardt, Matthew Peterson, Connor Sullivan, Michael Rosen.  (Not Pictured: Jacob Adams, Connor Davis, Timothy Doren, Ben Siefke, Jacob Smith, Andrew White)

These students were celebrated for their outstanding achievement on the high school placement test and academic success in grade school. Each student will receive the highest academic scholarship from Elder High School. The young men and the grade schools they attended are:

Jacob Adams, Our Lady of Lourdes
Kelton Ashe, St. Antoninus
William Conway, St. William
Connor Davis, Our Lady of Visitation
Mike Dirksing, Our Lady of Visitation
Timothy Doren, Our Lady of Lourdes
Adam Gerhardt, Our Lady of Visitation
Dakota Handorf, All Saints
Jonathan Huschart, Our Lady of Visitation
Paxton Kelley, Holy Family
Matthew Peterson, Our Lady of Victory
Duncan Rackers, St. Teresa of Avila
Michael Rosen, St. Dominic
Collin Scheiner, St. Catharine
Ben Siefke, Our Lady of Victory
Collier Smith, St. Antoninus
Jacob Smith, St. Ignatius
Jack Streicher, Our Lady of Visitation
Connor Sullivan, St. Jude
Matthew Trotta, Our Lady of Victory
Andrew White, St. Dominic
Alex Witte, St. William


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