Elder Businessmen's Association

The Elder Businessmen's Association is dedicated to serving the Elder Community in a variety of ways.  Their membership meetings, usually held at an Elder grad's place of business, provide both social and networking opportunities.  The Elder Businessmen's Association also organizes an annual Career Day for Elder juniors and seniors.  For membership information, contact the Alumni Office at 921-3744. 

The Elder Businessmen's Association is dedicated to the success and interaction of the Elder Community in the business and professional world.  Their goals include providing:

-  Networking for Elder Businessmen's Association members.
-  Economic benefit among Elder Businessmen's Association members.
-  Educational seminars and meetings for Elder Businessmen's Association members.
-  Mentoring and counseling for Elder students. 
-  Job placement for Elder Grads.
-  Summer jobs for Elder Faculty.
-  Financial support for Elder High School.
Click here for a listing of the Elder Businessmen's Association Board Members.

The EBA is always looking for new members!  If you’re interested in joining the EBA, then simply click here to print a Membership Form and mail the completed form with your $25.00 fee (payable to Elder High School) to: 
Elder High School (ATTN: EBA) ● 3900 Vincent Avenue ● Cincinnati, OH 45205.

Dues will be applied to the calendar year in which they were received.  Annual dues invoices are mailed out in December/January.  Questions? Contact Alumni Director Brian Bill at billbd@elderhs.net or (513) 921-3411.

Recent Events:

EBA Golf Outing - May 15th
The Elder Businessmen's Association (EBA) Golf Outing took place at Grand Oak on Friday, May 15, 2015.  Many thanks to Frank Panzeca '76 for organizing this wonderful fundraising event which benefits our graduating seniors!

Career Day 
Elder graduates representing numerous industries were on hand for this year's Career Day. The annual event, organized by the EBA, assists the almost 500 Elder juniors and seniors considering their collegiate choices and professional calling.  Thank you to all the presenters who shared their insights and expertise with Elder students.

EBA - SWAP Speed Networking Event 
Members of the Elder (EBA) and Seton (SWAP) business communities came together on May 22nd for this fun networking opportunity.  

EBA Golf Outing 
The EBA held the annual Elder Businessmen's Association Golf Classic at Grand Oaks Golf Course.  This is an important scholarship fundraising event to assist graduating seniors to continue their education.  

Elder Businessmen's Association Social 
The Elder Businessmen's Association (EBA) hosted a networking social at the Holy Grail (West) located at 1278 Ebenezer Road in Delhi.  


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