Need for Scholarship Support

Technology has greatly improved the field of education, however the rapid changes result in major costs. The 2010 - 2011 school year was the first year Elder freshmen began using laptops. Today all students pay an additional $500 per year at Elder to cover equipment and service costs. To continue to provide a Catholic education to future generations at an affordable cost for our families, the scholarship endowment needs to grow. Our goal for the first decade of the new millennium was to raise our endowments to $11 million. This has been accomplished, but to sustain the scholarship and other support provided by the endowments, these need to grow to $40 million by 2025, with the scholarship component representing the greatest increase.

The creation of permanent scholarships through cash donations will help us toward this goal. But an even greater potential for growth exists through planned gifts from graduates and friends in the form of bequests, trusts, life insurance and property to Elder’s scholarship endowment. Please see other links on this planned giving site to learn more about creating a scholarship through a cash or a planned gift to Elder.