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EHSports.com was created by a group of six Elder students in 2001 when Mr. Dave Sharp asked for some help keeping up with the myriad sports, scores and teams.  The students had under two weeks remaining in the Senior year when they began the project.  EHSports was born.  In the fall of 2003, EHSports broadcast its first live football game so that a father, serving in Iraq, could see his son play at The Pit.  In 2004, a record breaking 1200 viewers from around the world watched Elder battle Chaminade-Julienne.  Since 2004, nearly every home football, basketball, volleyball and even a few wrestling matches, on every level, have been broadcast solely by the students of Elder High School for the worldwide audience.  Highlight films, pictures, RSS feeds, iCal feeds and state of the art communication techniques have been added by subsequent Elder Students.

Coaches and team managers update and communicate to their teams and fans.  The responsibility for the information and highlights was given to those with the closest relation to the teams and the results have been astounding.

Since 2001, EHSports has received national acclaim by ESPN and the armed forces newspaper Stars and Stripes.  It is a ranked site by Google and has even been written up in international newspapers.  In 2006 alone, over 2 million pages, including over 1.1 million unique picture requests, were served up to hundreds of thousands of visitors. 

This site is a creation of six initial students including Kevin Welch and Tom Kennedy, but is a standard for The Elder Nation.

Welcome to www.EHSports.com.

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