Brand Guide




Brands become stronger when they communicate with one look, one voice, and one message. Consistent usage of the set of logos below creates strong brand recognition within the community where Elder resides.

Flexibility is designed into the system, with multiple icons that convey school pride, legacy, and tradition. Standardized typography establishes uniformity within the system. While secondary messages are numerous, the primary message is always “Elder.”

Additionally, consistent logo usage creates unity within the student body — all students are connected by the Elder name and the panther mascot. Sports and clubs are expressed typographically rather than pictorially, meaning the dominant message is about the school. All students are Elder Panthers.

The trademarked logos (the “Marks”) below may only be used by students, faculty, and staff on documents and materials developed for purposes related to Elder curriculum, fundraising, and activities.  Such use of the Marks must be in accordance with Elder’s Brand Strategy and Identity Guidelines, and must include a ™ symbol with the Mark.  The Marks may not be altered or used in any way that might disparage Elder or the Marks.  This limited permission may be revoked at any time and does not give the user any ownership in, rights in, or title to the Marks.  Please contact us to inquire about information and permission regarding printed and digital uses of our logos.