2015 Awards

Special awards were also distributed to distinguished members of the Class of 2015.  They are:

The Computer Science Awards are given to students who have shown extraordinary effort and expertise in the field of Computer Science. These awards are given to the following:
Database Application Development 1 &2: Benjamin X. Lee
AP Computer Science: David R. Eubanks & Anthony M. Robb   
Computer Science 1 & 2 Visual Basic: Adam J. Hughes
Graphic Design Software Use: Kyle L. Feist, Stephen P. Rodgers, and Nathaniel J. Wehrle

The Art Department Leadership Award includes a certificate of appreciation and a monetary award. This student is commended for his high quality of consistent effort over four years. Receiving this award is:  Julian J. Gregory

The James R. Borgman Purchase Award goes to the student who best exemplifies the spirit and ideals of the Elder Art Department. This award is named after James Borgman, Elder class of 1940, and father of former Cincinnati Enquirer editorial cartoonist Jim Borgman ’72. Elder will purchase a piece of art from this student, and it will hang in the main hall for one year. The 2015 winner of this prestigious award is:  Jacob K. Bono

The Art Department would also like to recognize the following students for their excellence in art over the last 4 years:
Evan D. Erpenbeck
Ryne A. Poli
Jerry L. Porter
Colin D. Rodenberg
Jacob C. Humphrey
Collin T. Schwiers

The Religion Department would like to recognize seniors who have given evidence of the qualities of personal character and academic achievement. These certificates go to:
Michael T. Huschart, Benjamin A. James, and Luke F. Jett 

Awards for exemplary work in Community Service are:
Thomas J Becker
Nicholas J Rolfes
Mark A Adams 
Benjamin J Merk
Avery R. Madden 
Philip Max Wienkamp
Benjamin J Bischof
Kyle J Ackerman  

The Business Department awards certificates in recognition of excellence in four business courses:
For Personal Finance: 
Samuel T. Bailey, 
Nicholas J. Jamison,
 Craig L. Mullen, 
Michael P. O’Brien
Logan D. Chowning, 
Gregory E. Cappel, 
David M. Stamper, 
Brady D. Kraemer

For Accounting: Thomas J. Ruwan Kevin R. Siemer

For Advanced Accounting: Nicholas S. Pangallo

For Financial Literacy: Zachary T. Wilkey

The recipient of the 2015 Andrew J. Bucher & Company “Excellence in Accounting” Award is Nicholas S. Pangallo.

The Mathematics Department would like to recognize the seniors who have demonstrated their excellence in the field of Mathematics. The awards for the following classes are:

For Calculus AB: Avery R. Madden, Nicholas J. Rolfes, Jordan C. Jacob

For Calculus BC: David R. Eubanks, Spencer T. Niehaus, Michael P. O’Brien
For AP Statistics:   Spencer T. Niehaus and Michael P. O’Brien
The English Department of Elder wishes to honor two seniors who most reflect expertise in writing. They emulate the necessary skills of a successful writer as well as a successful person – creativity, organization, and unselfish effort. These awards go to: Michael P. O'Brien and Brady D. Kraemer

These seniors are recognized for their contribution to the Purple Quill:
Nicholas M. Rackers 
Alexander M. Rolfes 
Alexander D. Harrison 
Charles R. Sehlhorst
Robert M. Ellerhorst

The Social Studies Department Awards of Excellence are given in these senior areas of study:

For Economics:  Logan D. Chowning 

And in American Government: Nicholas W. Schinkal

In AP American Government: Luke F. Jett & Harry J. Laiveling II

The World Languages Department would like to recognize the following individuals for achieving the highest average in senior level language courses:

French IV- Zachary A. Vorherr 
AP French- Eric R. Huff 
German IV-Richard G. Breidenstein 
Latin IV-Harry J. Laveling II 
Spanish IV-Joseph E. Keilholz 

Earning Honorable Mention in the National French Contest-Eric R. Huff 

The Science department wishes to recognize the following students for their superior achievements.  These young men are truly scholars and gentlemen.

In Environmental Science:     Thomas J. Becker, Michael P. O’Brien, Riley C. James
In AP Physics 1: Avery R. Madden and Spencer T. Niehaus

In AP Physics C: David R. Eubanks and David C. Stein 

College Biology: Nicholas C. Gibbs, Samuel T. Bailey, Harry J. Laiveling II

Biology of the Human: Thomas J. Becker, Luke F. Jett 
The Industrial Arts Department Awards are given in two areas. 
For Industrial Design, the awards go to: Jordan C. Jacob, Benjamin J. Merk, Noah A. Peterson, and Thomas Zachary Sullivan 
The annual Martin H. Smith Memorial Music Award, presented through Elder graduate Michael Heath, is given to a student who has demonstrated leadership and potential in the field of music. This award goes to: Nicholas C. Gibbs

The ELDERADO, Elder’s Yearbook is a project undertaken by Elder students. We would like to recognize the effort of the leaders of the ELDERADO staff. They are: 
Nicholas D. Wells and Maxwell L. Hammersmith

The following student was honored earlier this year as Elder’s Joe Quinn Scholar Athlete. We would like to recognize him again at this time. He is: Brady D. Kraemer

The United States Marine Corps offers an Award of Scholastic Excellence to a student who has proven to be an accomplished scholar. This award goes to: Maxwell L. Hammersmith

The United States Marine Corps offers an Award of Musical Excellence to a student who has proven to be an accomplished musician. This award goes to: Spencer T. Niehaus

The United States Army Reserve recognizes athletic and academic excellence with the Scholar/Athlete Award. The recipient this year is: Thomas J Ruwan

The Price Hill Old Timers Scholar-Athlete Award was presented to: Gregory E. Cappel

We would like to recognize the following student for being selected the Student of the Month for the Western Hills Exchange Club. He is: Collin T. Schwiers

Each year a senior is chosen by members of the Elder faculty to receive the Greg Weber American Spirit Award. This award was created by the local chapter of the Marine Corps League to memorialize Greg Weber, a 1981 alumnus of Elder killed in El Salvador in 1985. The student is recognized for his ability and esprit de corps to better serve his community and his country. This year we present the Greg Weber Award to: Andrew M. Taylor

The United States Marine Corps presents the distinguished Athlete Award to a senior who exhibits the personal traits of courage, poise, self-confidence, and leadership while performing as a varsity athlete. This award is presented to: Jason P. Martini

The following students, by demonstrating distinguished performance and high potential for future academic accomplishment, were named as Commended Students in the National Merit Scholarship Program. They are:
William P. Brueggemeyer
Eric R. Huff
Luke F. Jett
Benjamin X. Lee
Spencer T. Niehaus

The following students were recognized as National Merit Finalists:
Maxwell L. Hammersmith
Benjamin J. Merk
Noah A. Peterson
Thomas Zachary Sullivan

These students are being offered National Merit Scholarships:
Benjamin J. Merk
Noah A. Peterson
Thomas Zachary Sullivan

The following students will be receiving an Honors Diploma at Graduation because they have successfully met the requirements as outlined in the Student Handbook. We applaud their outstanding academic effort:

Thomas John Becker
William Preston Brueggemeyer
Gregory Edward Cappel
Robert Nicholas Conda
Nicholas James Duke
Frank Joseph Ellert IV
David Robert Eubanks
Nicholas Charles Gibbs
Maxwell Lee Hammersmith
Eric Robert Huff
Jacob C. Humphrey
John David Igel
Thomas Allen Imhoff
Jordan Christopher Jacob
Benjamin A. James
Riley Christopher James
Luke Francis Jett
Brady Donald Kraemer
Harry James Laiveling II
Benjamin Xavier Lee
Benjamin Joseph Luebbe
Benjamin Joseph Merk
David Thomas Meyer
Mitchell Thomas Moorhead
Craig Louis Mullen
Bradley Jonathon Murphy
Spencer Timothy Niehaus
Michael Patrick O'Brien
Christopher Steven Ochs
Matthew James Olthaus
Noah August Peterson
Joshua Dean Rhoads
Collin Thomas Schwiers
Ryan Andrew Schwiers
Kevin R. Siemer
Jonathon N. Smith
Thomas Zachary Sullivan
Michael Raymond Trotta
Philip Maxwell Wienkamp

We would like to recognize the following seniors for successfully completing the requirements of the Honors Program:
Thomas J Becker
William P Brueggemeyer
Gregory E Cappel
Robert N Conda
Nicholas J Duke
Frank J Ellert IV
David R Eubanks
Nicholas C Gibbs
Maxwell L Hammersmith
Joseph T Haverkos
Eric R Huff
Jacob C. Humphrey
John D Igel
Thomas A Imhoff
Jordan C Jacob
Benjamin A. James
Riley C James
Luke F Jett
Brady D Kraemer
Harry J Laiveling II
Benjamin X Lee
Benjamin J Luebbe
Avery R Madden
Benjamin J Merk
David T Meyer
Craig L Mullen
Spencer T Niehaus
Michael P O'Brien
Christopher S Ochs
Matthew J Olthaus
Noah A Peterson
Joshua D Rhoads
Anthony M Robb
Thomas J Ruwan
Collin T Schwiers
Ryan A Schwiers
Kevin R. Siemer
Jonathon N. Smith
Thomas Z Sullivan
Michael R Trotta
Philip M Wienkamp