Immersion Programs

Elder High School offers a variety of Immersion Programs for its students.  These programs allow young men not only to become culturally aware of the issues facing our world, country and community, but also to act as followers of Christ to help those in need.  

During the summer break, Elder students had the opportunity to participate in the following immersion programs:

Native American Immersion Trip:  

Who:  Opened to all students with priority given to seniors/juniors.  (Maximum 12 students)

What:  We will live on the St. Bonaventure Indian Mission and School for a period of 5-7 days.  Our main objective is to experience the life of the Navajo people.  While on the Reservation students will be challenged to grow through service (we will assist with building projects and tutor in the summer school), simple living in Christian Community, and cultural immersion.

On the Vine:  
(Teens Advocating Change through Knowledge, Leadership & Experience)

Who:  Opened to all students with priority given to juniors/sophomores (Maximum 5 students from Elder).

What:  Operated by the Office of Youth Ministry, through the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, On the Vine is an inspiring and challenging week that develops youth into strong, justice-focused, Catholic leaders. On the Vine will include participants from across the Archdiocese from a variety of schools, and will call you to... 
• Explore the root causes of poverty and injustice and how YOU can make a difference. 
• Develop the courage to act with justice, charity and solidarity with the greater community. 
• Challenge yourself and others to live simply, breakdown stereotypes, and be peacemakers. 
• Build community and friendship with a group of teens from across the Archdiocese.

Christian Outreach with Appalachian People:  
Who:  Opened to all students with priority given to Visitation Parishioners

What:  Groups work with a local contractor on projects similar to Habitat for Humanity in providing low income housing which local residents are then able to purchase at reasonable rates, providing pride of ownership. Housing is provided in dorm rooms.

For more information regarding Elder High School’s Immersion Programs, please contact Roger Auer at (513) 921-3407 or