Retreats and Days of Reflection



Each year Elder students participate in a retreat or reflection day in order to augment their faith and strengthen their relationship with God.

The freshmen at Elder participate in two reflection days. The first is an introduction to Elder High School: they are taught what it means to be a high school student as opposed to a grade school student, and the students are introduced to the attributes of the all-male aspect of high school. In the spring the freshmen have a second reflection day that focuses on their personal image of God and how that image is influenced by needs, wants and the media.

The sophomore class takes part in a reflection day in which students ponder an grapple with the importance of community; they discuss such ideas as how being a member of a community plays an important role in their lives. Special emphasis is placed on how faith plays a part of the community; to this end, the students visit various churches throughout the area and are taught by docents at each location.

The juniors partake in a diversity day, traveling to different agencies to work side by side with members of the community. They learn about not only the organizations at which they assist but also the daily personal struggles of each organization's members.

All seniors go on the Kairos Retreat. Kairos is a religious retreat program grounded in Christian incarnational theology: our Christian belief that God is very much a part of our real world, especially through the continuing presence of Jesus Christ. Prayer and the sacraments are an essential part of the program as well as the participants’ involvement in discussions and other exercises. The program lasts for three and one-half days, with the challenge to continue it for as longs as one possibly can.