The Blackboard Learning Management System is used by hundreds of high schools and thousands of universities worldwide. Blackboard improves the educational process at Elder High School in three major ways:

    • Easily create a class Web site; post MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and other documents;
    • Showcase student work and achievement;
    • Easily trade and share content with fellow teachers


  • Create tests and quizzes, automatically grade all objective questions;
  • Individual student as well as class statistics are tabulated for each question;
  • Upload existing question pools, with testing software;
  • Allows students and parents to check the grades that teachers want them to see.


  • Electronic white boarding, class tours, and group web browsing;
  • Platform be used for test review sessions, and student group work;
  • Continue class discussions online;
  • Provide students with an audience for their writing in Discussion Board;
  • Conduct peer reviews