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Elder High School recently launched a comprehensive alumni directory data verification project in conjunction with Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI). Once completed, a 2020 Elder High School Alumni Directory will be published, and grads will have the opportunity to purchase a copy (along with other merchandise) during the data collection process.

The data collection process will begin on December 2, 2019. You may receive an email or postcard requesting you to call in with your updated contact information. We encourage all our graduates to participate in the data collection process even if they do not wish to purchase a directory. Doing so enables our Alumni Office to update its records with your most accurate contact information, helping us to develop career placement guides to benefit our students and alumni as well as determine our ranking in national evaluations. Thank you in advance for your participation!

This page will continue to be updated with helpful information as the process continues. If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to Brian Bill using the contact information located on this page.

If you have not received a postcard/email, or have misplaced your communication from PCI, you can call PCI at 1-888-920-1765 to update with them.

Frequently Asked Questions...

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  • Is this a legitimate project or is it a scam?

    We assure you, the data verification project being headed up by PCI is a legitimate project benefiting Elder High School. It will eventually lead to the publication of the sixth edition of our Alumni Directory in 2020, which grads will be able to purchase from PCI during the verification process.

    The first Alumni Directory was published in 1995, and a new one has been published every five years since (2000, 2005...etc.). We encourage all grads to participate even if they do not plan to purchase a 2020 Alumni Directory.
  • Does Elder make any money off this project?

    Yes, Elder will receive a royalty of $5.00 per paid directory package sold by PCI; however, the real value of this project is Elder receiving updated contact and employment information about its grads.
  • How come PCI's phone number on this page is different than the phone number on the email/postcard I received?

    Companies like to learn more about which of their communication pieces are most effective at eliciting a response. By providing a unique phone number for postcards and another unique phone number for emails, PCI can improve upon its communication in future projects.

    The phone number we have listed on this page (1-888-920-1765) is a general phone number for those who have not received a postcard/email or who have misplaced their communication from PCI. If you have received a communication piece from PCI, then we encourage you to call the phone number on that piece instead of this general phone number.

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Verify Your Info!

To participate in our alumni directory data verification project, please call 1-888-920-1765 (toll free) between 7:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M. (CT) Monday-Friday. Thank you!

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