8th Grade Honors Algebra

The Mathematics Department of Elder High School is pleased to offer an Honors Algebra 1 course to gifted 8th grade students, male or female. Qualifying students will have the opportunity to learn mathematical concepts that are taught in a standard high school Honors Algebra 1 course. This course enables students to become a year ahead of their peers, and leads towards taking AP Calculus courses, for college credit, in high school.
The Honors Algebra class is taught by Mr. Jason Roush, a full-time math instructor at Elder High School. The class meets from 7:00—7:45 a.m. at Elder High School four days a week (typically Monday-Thursday); first day of class will be held on Tuesday, August 13th and last until early May. The class fee is $450. 

To be considered for the 8th Grade Honors Algebra class, please complete the following: 
1. Complete the "Honors Algebra Application", click APPLY and be sure to put 8th Grade for "Entering Grade"
2. Submit an Honors Algebra Records Release Form 
For more information contact Joe Pieper at pieperjm@elderhs.net

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