Elder High School Board of Limited Jurisdiction

Based on the authority granted to the Board of Limited Jurisdiction by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, the Board is established to act as a decision-making group, responsible for the governance of Elder High School in the best interests of the School and the Archdiocese.
Current Trustees:

Nick Hahn '63 - Chair
Jay Wertz '87 - Vice Chair
Bruce Broxterman '72 - Secretary
Dan Averbeck '71
Rick DeLeon
Joe Guck '86
Rick Kohler '63
Ken Nortmann '83
Charles Sanders, Jr.
Rev. Jim Schutte
Matt Smith
Beth Stacklin
Beth Van Oflen
Dan Vogelpohl '88
Jack Walsh '79

Board Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate and approve the policies of the School and monitor their implementation;
  • Recommend to the Archbishop of Cincinnati proposed changes in the mission statement of the School;
  • Develop and recommend strategic and other short-term and long-range plans;
  • Oversee the areas of strategic planning, mission effectiveness, finance, facilities, development, marketing, and public relations;
  • Establish policies and procedures for the effective operation of the Board;
  • Review annually the performance of the chief executive of the School (i.e. Principal/Head of School);
  • Involvement in Head of School search process;
  • Participate in search committees for other senior staff members as requested;
  • Develop and recommend annual operating and capital budgets to the Archbishop;
  • Maintain connection of the School to the local community;
  • Recommend to the Archbishop nominations for appointment to the Board;
  • Exercise all other powers and carry out all other duties and responsibilities delegated by the Archdiocese;
  • Develop professional relationships with the Head of School and senior staff members.
Non-Voting Trustees:
Brian Flaherty '92
Doug Guenther
Tom Reiring '88
Kurt Ruffing '81
Dr. Patrick Tucker
Support to the Board:
Joe Driehaus '86, Director of Guidance
Kevin Espelage '91, Athletic Director
Matt Flowers '94, Alumni Association
Rob Reid '86, Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Jane Timon, Clerical Assistant
Larry Weinheimer '93, Faculty Representative

School Administration

List of 11 members.

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