Elder Businessmen's Association

The Elder Businessmen's Association (EBA) is dedicated to serving the Elder community in a variety of ways. Its membership meetings, for men and women alike, provide both social and networking opportunities. The EBA also organizes an annual Career Day for the students of Elder as well as a golf outing for EBA members, grads, and friends.
Goals of the EBA include providing:

  • Networking for EBA members;
  • Economic benefit among EBA members;
  • Educational seminars and meetings for EBA members;
  • Mentoring and counseling for Elder students;
  • Job placement for Elder grads;
  • Summer jobs for Elder faculty;
  • Financial support for Elder High School.

The Purple Pages

The Purple Pages are here to help when you need to find that certain Elder contractor, sales professional, doctor, lawyer, tradesman, or otherwise. This handy business index is easy to use and full of proud alumni and friends of Elder!


Email Ken Heckman '81 or Brian Horvath '96 for more information about the EBA and its upcoming events!

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