Prayer & Worship

In addition to daily morning prayer, students have the opportunity to participate in both grade-specific and all-school masses. Daily communion services are also offered in the Chapel of St. Henry at the beginning of all lunch bells.

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  • Morning Prayer

    Summer Blessing for Families

    May we make our homes places of relaxation,
    joy, love, peace and safety.
    May we be generous and considerate,
    not thinking only about ourselves,
    but helping others enjoy the blessings of the summertime.
    Lord God, Creator of all things,
    guide our steps and strengthen our hearts
    during these months of summer and vacation days.
    Grant us refreshment of mind and body.
    May we constantly strive to make a meaningful difference
    in the lives of our loved ones and in the world around us
    as we enjoy the warm days of summertime.
    - The Catholic Review
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Morning Prayer

Prayer is an integral part of our Catholic faith, so much so, that we join together as a school at the beginning of every school day. During morning homeroom, a member of our Liturgy Committee will read aloud over the school's PA system a special prayer to start the day.


Catholic Holy Days of Obligation are observed throughout the school year, as are other special occasions such as our Memorial Mass, Catholic Schools Week, Ash Wednesday, and Elderfest. The Liturgy Committee, under the guidance of the Campus Minister, plays an important role toward the planning and execution of all-school Masses.

Communion Services

Every school day, students, staff, and faculty members are invited to attend brief services in the Chapel of St. Henry, located off the main hallway of the school building, where extraordinary ministers distribute Holy Communion to those present.