The Elder Art Department

The Art Department of Elder High School was founded on the principle that the study of fine art is vital to a well-rounded education.  The creation and study of art helps the young man discover himself, the world around him, and how he fits into that bigger picture. 

In the decades since its inception, countless number of artists, craftsman, designers, photographers, architects, filmmakers and art educators have emerged from this program, including a Pulitzer Prize winner.  Throughout their four years, art students participate in a wide range of art competitions as well as take part in a series of community-based art projects.  Upon completion of the program, our graduates become the creative force that inspires and shapes our world through expression, design, and innovation.

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of David Buetsche

    Mr. David Buetsche 

    513-921-3744 ext 2133
  • Photo of Murray Dwertman

    Mr. Murray Dwertman 

    513-921-3744 ext 2216