Student Support Services

Elder High School continuously strives to meet the academic, physical, spiritual, cultural, and social needs of all students by offering support programs and services. Each is designed to provide students with the opportunity to excel and reach their full potential and to prepare them for life after high school.

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  • Academic Levels

    Elder is proud to offer a wide range of curricular offerings which challenge and nurture the interests of all students. Our curriculum – aligned with the A.C.T. College Readiness Standards – is comprised of required courses in various levels (Advanced Placement, Honors, Advanced College Prep, and College Prep) and electives that allow students to customize their schedule to their individual interests and learning styles. Our curriculum challenges students to push themselves, develop diligent study and work habits, surpass their expectations, refine their beliefs, and become productive members of society.

  • Special Education Services

    Elder provides special education services to students who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Services Plan (ISP). At Elder, individuals with disabilities are fully included and participate in the general education curriculum with accommodations and support from the intervention specialists.

    • Intervention: Elder has two full-time intervention specialists. The intervention specialists teach skills and strategies based on the student’s ISP goals, provide small group instruction for the general education curriculum, and coordinate accommodations. Students who are eligible for speech and language services will receive support for their language goals through the intervention specialists. Elder also has a full-time math specialist. The math specialist provides small group math instruction for students needing support in math.
    • School Psychologist: Elder has a full-time school psychologist who provides mental health services, collaborates with public school districts and other outside agencies, consults with teachers, counselors, and parents, and conducts assessments as part of special education evaluations, intervention planning, and to aid in the transition to college or work.
    • Support Bell: All freshmen and some sophomores, juniors, and seniors are enrolled in a guided support bell where students can receive their special education services as well as complete assignments and study with the assistance of their support staff.
    • High School Placement Test (HSPT) Accomodations: Elder High School offers testing accommodations (extended time and/or a reader) for students with a documented disability. Click here to learn more.
    Students who wish to receive Special Education Services at Elder must indicate so on their application and provide their most recent Evaluation Team Report and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Service Plan (ISP) to Elder by December 7, 2018.

    For more information about our Special Education Services, please contact our school psychologist, Mr. Scott Ridder, at 513-921-3419 or
  • School Counseling

    School counselors are professional school advocates who provide support to maximize student potential and academic achievement. All students at Elder High School are provided with personal, academic, career, and college counseling as well as individual and small group counseling opportunities.

    Students, parents, and guardians are also provided with separate informational meetings throughout the school year focusing on college application and preparation, college financial aid, and school scheduling procedures.
  • Math Support

    Elder has a full-time math specialist who provides small group instruction to students who require additional support in math.
  • Student Advisory Program

    The Student Advisory Program seeks to motivate and support students from diverse backgrounds to successfully navigate their high school career at Elder. Students who have academic, social, or economic needs can receive tutoring, grade monitoring, and homework support. Students can also be connected to resources and other support services at Elder and in the larger community. In addition, the program will focus on helping students make a successful academic and social transition to high school and fully participate in the school community.
  • School Nurse

    Elder has a full-time licensed school nurse who provides school-based healthcare services, and also consults with the student’s support team to help identify and implement interventions for students with special needs due to medical or emotional conditions.
  • Faculty Advisors

    The objective is to provide students with an opportunity to establish a relationship with an Elder faculty member. Through this relationship, the student is able to talk to his advisor about any issues or concerns that may arise and the advisor can help the student set academic goals and monitor progress.
  • Peer Tutoring

    Elder’s school counselors pair students who are having difficulty in a particular academic area with students who excel in that area. Tutoring sessions occur before or after school and during flex time based on students’ availability and needs.
  • Flex Time

    Elder’s modified block schedule provides a designated period during the school day that allows students and faculty the flexibility to accomplish learning-related tasks such as:

    • Receiving mini lessons from the school counselors on study skills, learning styles, career exploration, and mental health issues; 
    • Meeting individually or in small groups with teachers or school counselors;
    • Attending presentations from outside speakers or college representatives;
    • Meeting with peer tutors.
  • Bereavement Group

    Elder offers a Bereavement Group to support students who have suffered a significant loss through Companions On a Journey -- a social service organization which provides grief support and educational services for children, teens and adults.

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