Our mission is to develop young men to strive for Altiora by serving God and others, embracing and living the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, while pursuing academic excellence.

Elder At a Glance

Elder High School is a Catholic, all-male, comprehensive high school located in the neighborhood of Price Hill on Cincinnati's west side. On this page you will find all the "quick facts" that you'd ever want to know about Elder. If we're wrong in that claim, then please drop us a note at info@elderhs.net so that we may provide you with the information you desire. Thanks for visiting!

School Motto

To strive for Altiora, the higher things.

School Colors - Purple & White

"We are loyal to thy colors, To the Purple and the White..."

School Mascot - the Panther

Go you Panthers, go.
And let this wide world know
Of Purple Panther might,
So fight team, fight, fight, fight!
Rah! Rah! Rah!
When the Panther roars,
The Panther always scores.
So hit 'em high and hit 'em low,
Go, you Panthers, go!

School Song

The Elder School Song, our Alma Mater, was written in the fall of 1933 by students Walter Delaney and John Mulvey under the supervision of Rev. Francis Bredestege, Elder's third principal. The music itself was written by Mr. J. Alfred Schehl.

Purple banners waving high,
Snow-white pennons, heaven-borne.
See our colors proudly fly,
Royal hues which kings have worn.
When, in years to come, we gaze
Fondly back through mem'ry's haze,
We shall treasure thoughts of days
Which we spent at Elder.

Elder High, our Alma Mater,
We will always love thy name.
And today we stand a body,
Ready to proclaim thy fame.
We are loyal to thy colors,
To the Purple and the White:
These reveal the Elder spirit,
Teaching us what's true and right.