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Experiencing the Elder High School tradition is more in reach than ever before. Through the generosity of friends, family and alumni of Elder, we are able to provide opportunities to make Elder High School affordable for future panthers. We are committed to making a family's investment in their son's education a superior value, while enhancing the overall experience for each Elder family. At Elder High School, students will use one-to-one tablet technology, have the opportunity to receive college credit, as well as participate in enriching community service projects. The value of an Elder High School education continues to be one of the best in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.
We are committed to making a family's investment in their son's education a superior value...
It is our goal to assure that every young man desiring a quality, Catholic education has the opportunity to attend Elder High School despite any financial difficulties his family may experience. As a result, Elder commits over $3 million a year to its tuition assistance program. Over 60% of Elder families receive assistance. Elder uses FACTS Management, an objective need calculator, to help determine a family’s financial need. Families complete a FACTS financial aid application which FACTS assesses. All submitted FACTS applications are reviewed by Elder High School.

Tuition Assistance Options

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  • Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance

    Families who are eligible for an Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance award should complete a FACTS financial aid application. Awards will be awarded based on a FACTS financial aid review. For more information, visit the Catholic Schools site.
  • EdChoice Scholarship Program

    For many families who live in a struggling school district, Ohio’s EdChoice Program can be a beneficial avenue to help your child attend Elder High School. Families who are interested in receiving these funds need to complete an application and return it to the school. You can get more information and see if you are eligible by clicking here.
  • FACTS Information

    All families applying for tuition assistance must do so by completing the FACTS financial aid application. FACTS will request additional tax documentation to be used in the verification process. Please have your most recent tax return and W-2 statements ready to upload.

    The online application (including required tax documents) should be completed by November 9, 2018 for all current and incoming students. A non-refundable fee (currently $30.00) payable to FACTS must accompany your application. Monetary awards to current students are based on the financial need profile of the family’s verified FACTS application. There is no required student application, but a family must complete the annual FACTS application to be considered.

    Incoming freshmen will receive award letters in January 2019. All current family award letters will be sent in February 2019. Currently-enrolled families who received financial aid in 2018-19 do not need to complete an aid application for the 2019-2020 school year. Elder will use their 2018-2019 applications on file with FACTS. If there has been a significant change in the family’s financial position, a new 2019-2020 FACTS Financial Aid Application may be submitted by the November 9th deadline.

    Families applying for aid for the 2019-2020 academic year can complete an application at FACTS online. Late inquiries should contact Mr. Doug Guenther at 513-921-3744 ext 3408.
  • Multiple Child Allowance

    Elder does offer a reduction in tuition rate for families with three or more students in an Archdiocesan high school:

    • $1,000 per son at Elder for families with 3 qualifying students;
    • $1,250 per son at Elder for families with 4 or more qualifying students.
  • Named Awards

    Sponsored by Elder’s generous benefactors, our named awards recognize excellence in various academic disciplines. Recipients are selected from the pool of families who demonstrate financial need in their admission and FACTS applications.
  • Other Opportunities

    Elder families are able to defray some of their tuition expense by working for one of the groups listed below. Parents volunteer to work in various concession areas at professional and/or college sporting venues. The groups then provide funds for tuition assistance to their member families.

    Please feel free to contact either of the groups listed below for details about their programs if you are interested:

    Questions about how these credits are applied to your tuition account at Elder should be directed to Mr. Doug Guenther at or 513-921-3744 ext 3408.
To be considered for financial assistance, a family with an incoming freshman or returning upperclassman, must complete and submit a FACTS financial aid application online.


A variety of scholarships are available to Elder students. Some are based solely on placement exam scores. Other scholarships awarded are based on the criteria established by the donors.

Students wishing to apply for scholarships at Elder should request two teachers (7th or 8th grade) to complete scholarship recommendations. Two Scholarship Recommendations will complete your son's scholarship application (with the exception of awards listed below).

Scholarships requiring a separate application are listed below. Completed applications should be completed and returned by late November.

Tuition Payment Options

  • All tuition is processed through FACTS Tuition Management;
  • Make payments over 10 payment starting in July-April. Finance charge of 4.35% is added to the total balance and split over the 10 monthly payments;
    • Three monthly payment dates from which to choose: 5th, 15th, 20th

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Admissions Timeline

Submit FACTS financial aid application with required documents

Submit Admissions Application and Records Release Form

Financial aid decisions are mailed to the families of incoming freshmen

Financial aid decisions are mailed to the families of returning students
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