Brad Arling

Brad Arling, Elder Class of 1989, went to Our Lady of Victory where he received the outstanding boy award at his 8th grade graduation. In August of 1984, just before starting his freshman year at St. Xavier and after receiving that news that he made the freshman soccer team, Brad suffered a brain injury while playing softball at a family picnic. After being in a coma for 2 ½ months, he spent several months in the hospital doing various therapies to aid in his recovery. He continued outpatient therapy for many years. Life was extremely difficult for Brad. A short time after he came home, his mom received a phone call from Principal Fr. Tom Kuhn who said, "What can Elder do for Brad?". The students, staff, and administration accepted Brad and worked with him to help him progress in every area. Brad was involved in the glee club and joined the swim team where he came in last place in every meet however his times improved and Coach John Book worked hard to help Brad improve. Brad went on to receive the Altiora Award at his graduation. Today Brad tells his story to school-aged children and other groups in the hopes that people will “think first” before participating in sports or activities where injuries can occur. Brad’s mom and dad, Rita and Paul, created a scholarship in Brad’s name in June of 2007. Brad lives in Madeira and is an active presenter in the Think First Injury Prevention Program through Tri-Health.