Joe Acito Memorial

Joe Acito, Elder Class of 1963. Joe taught English at Elder for 43 years and had the additional role of Alumni Director the last 16 years of his professional career. He lived Altiora – the higher things - in all that he did – at Elder with his students in the classroom teaching the rhyme scheme of a Shakespearian sonnet or constantly reminding the kids, as he so affectionately referred to anyone younger than him, that reading is fun – encouraging them to read books they enjoy as opposed to assigned novels. He also lived Altiora through his work with the Alumni – organizing reunions and planning feel good events like golf outings, the Sports Stag and the ever popular Alumni Family Picnic at Stricker’s Grove. He made Elder grads feel so very welcome to come back to their alma mater… like they belonged to a most important group where the only requirements for membership are a year of graduation, a friendly smile and a handshake. And last but certainly not least… Joe lived Altiora in his home life, raising a wonderful family with his wife, Fran, his daughters Anne and Gina- Gina’s husband Mike Fieler - an ’88 Elder grad and Joe’s son, Tony – also an ’88 grad and Tony’s wife Jenny. Joe passed away suddenly in March of 2011 and a permanent scholarship was established in his name through memorial donations.