Bill Family

The Bill Family Scholarship was started in 2012 by Jeff Bill, Elder Class of 1996, to commemorate the 40th wedding anniversary of his parents, Dave and Maureen (Calme) Bill.  Dave is also an Elder graduate of the Class of 1966, and Maureen is a Seton graduate from the Class of 1968.  In recognition of his parents’ sacrifices to have their children educated in the Catholic school system, and, with an understanding that his Catholic education was an important building block for his life achievements, Jeff committed to funding this need-based general scholarship fund for the Elder endowment.  His sister, Allison (Bill) Klocke, Seton Class of 1992, and his brother, Brian Bill, Elder Class of 1994 were supportive of the fund, too.  There have been a number of Bill family members who have benefitted from a Catholic education.  For Jeff, his grandfather, Herb Bill, was the first to graduate Elder in 1934.  Along with his wife, Rita (Mott) Bill, Seton Class of 1934, Herb was instrumental in subsidizing Catholic education for those attending grade school at St. Lawrence.  The example that Herb and Rita set also inspired Jeff and his family to start this fund.