Richard D. Dasch Memorial

Rick Dasch, Elder Class of 1968, did many wonderful things in his life. He was a son, cousin, neighbor and friend. He was a west sider, a proud ’68 grad and supporter of Elder High School who also graduated from the University of Cincinnati. Rick continued to support Elder throughout his life and he was a regular at Elder athletic events, Dads Club and a consistent financial supporter. He had many interests but his friends and family remember him most as a great historian with much knowledge of several historical eras. He loved all sports, especially baseball, and was a keen observer of politics. One goal Rick had was to travel to every state in the US and before his passing. He had been to 48 with only Washington and Alaska left on his list. Rick loved his country and the west side community where he spent 60 years of his life with his parents. He was a devoted son who cared for his parents until their passing. He had tremendous respect and generosity towards his community and he remembered his parish church and his beloved Elder even after his passing. Rick’s wish was to help each institution to continue and improve so that many would receive the gifts opportunities that he had. He always felt that he was so blessed to have the opportunity to go to Elder. Through Rick’s estate, a scholarship was created in his name. Rick Dasch was a proud Elder Panther!