Tony and Regina Reis both learned the lesson of sharing as children.   That lesson comes quickly when you grow up in large families.  Thirteen siblings in Tony’s family made Regina’s eleven brothers and sisters seem quaint in comparison.  Both grew up during the Great Depression and despite being very successful high school students, they were not able to attend college.  The financial situation of the depression era combined with the need to help support their numerous younger brothers and sisters, prevented both of them from furthering their education.  Both Tony and Regina were especially aware of the value of a Catholic education.  The Great Depression taught Tony and Regina many, many lessons and taught America that material goods can come and go seemingly overnight.  Tony quickly learned the two things that can never be taken from you regardless of your economic situation are your faith and your education.  After their son graduated from Elder, it didn’t take them long to realize that Elder provides their students with both of those priceless gifts.  Having struggled through the depression, Tony and Regina wanted to do all they could to make sure that finances would not get in the way of a deserving young man from experiencing the opportunity of a Catholic education.  This scholarship fund, created in June of 1986 and named in honor of Tony and Regina’s parents and family, aims to enable young men with the gift of a faith based education and values that can never be taken away.   It is one of Elder's earliest scholarships.