Edgar & Alice Willig

Edgar and Alice Willig are the proud parents of 11 children. Edgar and Alice valued their Catholic faith and their children’s Catholic education. Raising 11 children was a challenge financially, emotionally and physically. Edgar and Alice relied on their Catholic faith to support them in raising their children. They accepted this challenge with grace and rose to the occasion in influencing others to follow the values of their Catholic faith. Prayer was an integral part of their parenting and family life. Praying as a family was a daily event. Their children’s friends participated in the nightly family rosary if anyone was visiting.
Edgar and Alice created this scholarship fund as a means to assist others to reap the benefits of an excellent Elder High School education. As Elder High School has taught these values and Catholic beliefs to their children and grandchildren, they hope for others to be able to experience such opportunities of faith. Their hope is that those recipients of this scholarship follow these practices of faith in their life’s journey.