Faculty, Staff Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries

During Teacher Appreciation Week, Elder High School proudly recognizes those teachers and staffers who are celebrating milestone anniversaries working in Catholic education in the 2019-2020 school year!
Many of these fifteen individuals have completed their years at Elder High School exclusively, but others have also worked and taught at various locations within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. These recipients have qualities that every Elder faculty and staff member shares – passion, dedication, determination, care, creativity, and innovation.

Our appreciation goes beyond a certificate; we thank them and the rest of our faculty and staff for ensuring that every student leaves Elder prepared for life, a well-rounded young man ready to serve God, others, and always striving for Altiora, the higher things.

Congratulations to these men and women for their years of dedicated service to the ministry of Catholic Education!
  • Mr. Mike Gergen - 40 years
  • Mr. Bill Driehaus - 35 years
  • Mr. Kurt Ruffing - 35 years
  • Ms. Monica Williams-Mitchell - 35 years
  • Dr. John Hageman - 30 years
  • Mr. Jeff Fuell - 25 years
  • Mr. Scott Ridder - 20 years
  • Mr. Tom Reiring - 20 years
  • Mr. Kevin Espelage - 20 years
  • Mr. Greg Dickman - 15 years
  • Mr. Rob Oberjohann - 15 years
  • Mr. Adam Rankin - 15 years
  • Ms. Karin Albrecht - 10 years
  • Mr. Brett Currin - 10 years
  • Mr. Gary Rogers - 10 years